Raging Battle Between Online and Land Based Casinos

Raging Battle Between Online and Land Based Casinos

Many state governments are scouting new avenues to fund their ambitious budget revenues. We have seen this manifest in the arena of online casinos. The argument for online casinos revolves around the notion that online casinos are the future when it comes to gambling. Many casinos believe such a move will boost your revenues and generally stimulate the economy. Some states have implemented new bills that permit online gambling. In the first years of adoption millions of dollars’ worth of revenue were raised – a figure many dismissed to be a gross exaggeration. The widespread criticism from experts and lawmakers in the current industry prove this new assessment.

Online gaming is much different than the average land-based casinos. Casino Malaysia is no exception. The recent tide of casino foreclosures indicates that more people are placing their wages online. Other states prefer to regulate online gaming, so it does not adversely affect the land-based casinos. Eventually, casinos will have to diversify their operations to both online and land-based operations.


Online Casinos

There are several merits associated with online casinos. For one, they provide the states they are located with gambling tax revenue. Running the online casino, you are exposed to minimal expenses. This means you can generate a higher revenue reward than other casinos. Online casinos allow their users to go about their businesses at the comfort of their homes. This high level of convenience provides the user with the flexibility that allows them to accomplish their desires. The online casino poses a major convenience to those who prefer to remain at home watching a game as opposed to watching the event live. The flexibility of running casinos come with many consequences. For instance, most players refer to refrain from distractions. It is way easier to exit a game once your odds start looking down. The revenue accrued from online casinos is not as high as many anticipated in the respective states.


gamblingLand Based Casinos

When it comes to economics, the benefits of the land-based casinos are more tangible. It’s a fact that the casinos employ thousands of people, from the blackjack dealers, law enforcement services and slot technicians. The online casinos require fewer people to run them. This means fewer people are receiving paychecks, resulting in less tax revenue revived.


New Trends

Over the past year, land-based casino revenues have seen a dramatic dip in price. The online casinos are resulting in their foreclosures. Another adverse contributor is their oversaturation. Most casinos have dramatically diversified their revenue streams by adding new entertainment activates that do not involve gaming. This will encourage more players to leave the comfort of their homes. The restructuring and closure of casinos can then be viewed as a positive.



There are many good and bad points on operating the land and online based casinos. It is not possible to run them both. In that respect, it is best for operators to pick which option works best for their business and center on it. The specialized operation works best than several with a clustered focus.…

How to Win at Sports Betting

How to Win at Sports Betting

A lot of people believe that everyone betting sports wins in the long-term. This is not true, and it does not matter how often you bet. As you know, a bookmaker has an advantage several times more as compared to people who are betting. Is there a way that you can reverse this? What if you always have this advantage?
Fortunately, this is possible.

football goalAdvantage player is a player who is assigned the term by the gambling companies as a person who only bets when odds are in his or her favor. Usually, bookmakers have an estimated 4.55% advantage on the straight bets. It does not matter whether you want to become a sports betting pro or earn some extra money on the side. The right step to winning is to stop making EV bets. EV is the expected value. It can be negative or positive.

Expected Value

This is a term that is used by the professional gamblers on a routine basis. A good example is flipping a coin. In such a case, the mean expected value is neutral or zero. This is because there are equal chances of getting the head or tail. All wagers made in sports betting have an expected value that is either positive or negative and in rare cases, you can have a neutral EV. To win in sports betting, you must learn to avoid –EV and start finding +EV.

Finding Positive Expected Value

trophy and cashIt is unfortunate that most sports bettors do not take time to learn the different tricks of the advantage players. This is because the process is time-consuming. Also, others do not know how to do it and can be overwhelmed as it is not a fun activity. If you want something fun, you should take a trip to the circus, amusement, or play video games. If you want to know how to make a high amount of money, you should be ready to learn how to find the +EV bets.

Read Sports Betting Books

Nowadays, there are various sports betting books that can help you understand the basics. After gaining adequate experience and you want to take you’re betting to another level, you should do move to another book. However, some books are heavily mathematics, handicapping, and statistic. If you want to be an advantage player, you must be ready to read several sports betting books.…