Reliable Sports Betting Tips for Successful Gamblers

Reliable Sports Betting Tips for Successful Gamblers

Sports betting can be a pathway to success or lead you to abject poverty. It all depends on how you approach it and the technique you use when placing bets. Moreover, using código de bônus Sportingbet will help you in many ways. For starters, it is worth knowing that betting companies are in the business of making profits.

Therefore, you should know that you are competing against the company to make as much profits as you can from your wager. Sports betting tips are meant to help you understand how you can increase your winning chances. Here are the best tips to use to win big at sports betting:

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Do Your Research

Just like if you were investing in any other business, take your time to research on how to become a successful gambler. Do you not place bets anyhow without researching on the sport and teams/clubs you want to bet on. Research and knowledge separate amateurs from professional gamblers. There are unlimited online resources that provide bookmakers with a ton of knowledge, advice and information.

For instance, you can see previous performance of a team when competing against a particular opponent. This goes a long way in enabling you to predict the most probable outcome of a match between the two teams.

Keep Your Discipline

The first rule of betting or any other form of gambling is that you should only bet amounts you can afford to lose. Like in other businesses, you should keep your head in betting and take account of all winnings and losses. This goes a long way in enabling you to identify whether you are making any profits or are simply incurring losses.

Never chase the bets you lose by placing other bets with high amounts of money to cover your losses. The probability of this strategy working is often less than 10%. Therefore, it can lead to incurring greater losses.

Track Your Winnings & Losses

For all bets you place, you should record its outcome; whether you win or lose. This allows you to monitor your progress over time for purposes of determining if the strategy you are using is working or not. When keeping a record of your progress, ensure that the entries are detailed by including the game, odds, stakes, and date.

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You can also add an entry for your thoughts on the outcome of the match. For instance, if you realize that straight win bets (1X2) account for most of the losses, you can opt to bet on score lines.

Place Bets with Sizeable Bankrolls

Low bankrolls often tempt gamblers to place bets on many teams so that the possible outcome is high. However, the more teams there is, the higher the chances of losing the bet. However, with a sizeable bankroll, you bet on one or two teams with a high possible payout. This reduces your chances of losing your bet. Alternatively, you can start with a small initial amount (for people whose pockets are not too deep) and build your bankroll with time.


The secret of winning big in sports betting is by betting on your favorite sports and teams. This is because, for such sports and teams, your knowledge base is wide and highly resourceful. Additionally, the accuracy of predicting outcomes in your favorite sports and teams is usually high than in sports you know nothing about.…

How to Win at Sports Betting

How to Win at Sports Betting

A lot of people believe that everyone betting sports wins in the long-term. This is not true, and it does not matter how often you bet. As you know, a bookmaker has an advantage several times more as compared to people who are betting. Is there a way that you can reverse this? What if you always have this advantage?
Fortunately, this is possible.

football goalAdvantage player is a player who is assigned the term by the gambling companies as a person who only bets when odds are in his or her favor. Usually, bookmakers have an estimated 4.55% advantage on the straight bets. It does not matter whether you want to become a sports betting pro or earn some extra money on the side. The right step to winning is to stop making EV bets. EV is the expected value. It can be negative or positive.

Expected Value

This is a term that is used by the professional gamblers on a routine basis. A good example is flipping a coin. In such a case, the mean expected value is neutral or zero. This is because there are equal chances of getting the head or tail. All wagers made in sports betting have an expected value that is either positive or negative and in rare cases, you can have a neutral EV. To win in sports betting, you must learn to avoid –EV and start finding +EV.

Finding Positive Expected Value

trophy and cashIt is unfortunate that most sports bettors do not take time to learn the different tricks of the advantage players. This is because the process is time-consuming. Also, others do not know how to do it and can be overwhelmed as it is not a fun activity. If you want something fun, you should take a trip to the circus, amusement, or play video games. If you want to know how to make a high amount of money, you should be ready to learn how to find the +EV bets.

Read Sports Betting Books

Nowadays, there are various sports betting books that can help you understand the basics. After gaining adequate experience and you want to take you’re betting to another level, you should do move to another book. However, some books are heavily mathematics, handicapping, and statistic. If you want to be an advantage player, you must be ready to read several sports betting books.…